Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DC Trip Part 1

The hubby and I went to PA this weekend for his 10 year HS reunion. We flew into Baltimore and took a one day detour to DC with his parents.

The Library of Congress was awesome. They really knew how to build a nice place to store important documents back then (250+ years ago).

golden lettering everywhere plus neat quotes

awesome mosaics with stories
23k gold foil ceiling and check out the moldings

more ceiling greatness
intricate painted details all around
statues and carvings
even the floors were awesome (Mom this is for you) I tried to get all of the astrological like symbols but the pesky other tourists were getting in the way.
We also saw lots of books, old bibles, rough drafts of the Declaration of Independence and so much more that we couldn't take pics of. All around was an awesome place to visit.

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