Friday, June 20, 2008

What were they thinking?

OK so I have been hearing about THIS all day.....I get it, I get that "kids" (yes those snappy youngsters that I once was not so long ago) have sex before marriage, or college, or they grow a brain, etc. This is what I don't get -- how exactly did these girlies come to the conclusion that getting preggo on purpose (at 16) was a fabulous idea? THEN who decided that is was even cooler to make sure the dad was a 24 year old homeless guy? (on another note are all the fellas in this town between 15 and 25 panting with anticipation at the obviously eager girlies?)

I really think there should be comprehensive sex ed in schools -- I don't mean just how not to get preggo or diseases BUT also the financial ramifications of such actions. Using this niffty calculator, I just found out that if I was a hypothetical single mom in the NE, making less than $40k a year and not planning to send my poor helpless child to college I can still look to spend close to $150k for the kid over 18 years and I am guessing that doesn't count that time when you have to rush the kid to the emergency room for that broken arm they got from jumping off the wood-shed out back.

Does this remind anyone else of Idiocracy???

Why couldn't these girls make a pact to meet back in town at age 25, settle down and then have babies to then raise together? What was the rush? Was life really that boring?

UPDATE: Now everyone is denying the fact that there was a pact...not sure if it makes me feel better BUT I will believe it does... :-P

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